Apr 5, 2014

An Etsy Shop!

It is official. My sister has talked me into marketing my obsession with paper, pens, and ink.  Introducing my very first business venture, Peaceably Pretty, now on Etsy.  Visit my shop here, and peruse my [currently] one listing.

Even as a second grader, I remember writing my name in my newly learned Zaner-Bloser cursive script over and over again until the J and G capitals were perfect and the n's were evenly spaced.  Over and over, as the years went on, I created new styles of writing and fonts that suited my mood or my task at hand.  

When I got engaged in 2008, I knew I just had to have calligraphy on my every one of envelopes.  I practiced my copperplate script after work every day until I could replicate the careful hairline upstrokes and thick downstrokes without referring to the book. I wrote all 110 save-the-date cards for my wedding, but I broke down and hired a professional to write the wedding invitations.  Coincidentally, the script I chose was called "Massey," the same name as my dear maltese-poodle mix.

In the years since the wedding invitations, I have dabbled and played at calligraphy, experimenting with different inks and nibs.  My sister has employed me to add some watercolor items to her shop.  This year I even bought a new book, full of modern calligraphy fonts and project ideas.  This was an awakening of sorts, because it sparked so many ideas and inspirations.  After hand lettering 50 envelopes to match Fifty-five 18's custom wedding invitations, I decided to set up shop.  Stamps, envelopes, stickers, and tags are in the works.  Check back soon!