Dec 27, 2010

Life as We Know It

Just when you think everything in life is slow and unchanging, something happens in someone else's life and changes yours. I get so bored with my [thankfully] uneventful life full of home-cooked dinners and daily this and that. My very dear friend is expecting her first child. Of course I'm thrilled/shocked/excited, but it's strange how much my friend's 4000-mile-away life is making me realize how unready I am for so much change. I am trying to find peace in the mundane and simpleness of life before an 8lb. persons changes everything. Wishing her only the happiest moments parenthood brings, I am committed to volunteering for decorating, pampering, babysitting, and helping her find the best maternity jeans available. :) And Merry Christmas!!

Dec 18, 2010

It's Christmastime in the City

Ah, the rush of December is upon us.  So much to finish, and never enough time.  Luckily, there is another week before the Big Day is here.  Alas, I could not find my baby tree Thanksgiving weekend, so I chose not to put one up.  Sad day.  As the last two weeks have passed, I have contemplated buying another tree (then I would have two), buying a real tree (going to die), or stick with making this the only year I will ever not decorate for Christmas.  In honor of my love of decorating with my muslin, burlap, olive velvet and toile, I am posting last year's decor.
My dining room before decorations.

After (if I were decorating): The mantle, which would be just lovely with the oil painting we had framed last year.
My [missing] baby tree that would be extra-perfect with this year's ruffled tree skirt and my new olive green toile bow.

Addition to the Wedding Post

Here are some of the beautiful photos!

The happy couple.

My sister would be all over the burlap and muslin-wrapped candles.
They gave away lovely crosses in hand-stamped muslin bags.

Dec 12, 2010

It's Like Getting Married All Over Again!

But without the stress and everyone calling my name and asking me questions.  It's official:  I can now add Wedding Director to my list of favorite things.  Yesterday was Mary's Elizabeth's wedding day at Lake Martin.  The ceremony was held at the Church in the Pines.
 She had seven attendants, and they stood with their groomsmen as couples instead of the traditional girls-on-one-side and boys-on-the-other.  Darling.  Her reception was at Spring House Restaurant at Russell Landing.  The decor was full of simple flowers (hydrangea, lilies), candles, and moss and rocks.  Very simple, very Mary Elizabeth.  The architecture of the building took over any decorations that would have tried to overplay it. 
  I can't wait until I have a few photos from the big day to show everyone!  And I hope I have the privilege of directing another wedding soon!