Oct 30, 2011

It's Halloween!!!

For the Fall Festival, we dressed as the Wizard of Oz characters.  Toto was not turning out the way I wanted, so I scrapped it and went for the surprisingly not-so-obvious yellow brick road.  It turns out most five year olds have not seen the movie and certainly didn't know why I was dressed as a wall (Really!? A wall?). 

On another note, I have fallen off the wagon as the dutiful cook.  I have a limited number of meals I A. can cook and B. am interested in cooking/eating.  That means that after 27 months of marriage, I have cooked my 15 or so specialties about a million times each.  Who are these people who have a 16 week rotating list of 5 different meals per week that rarely eat the same dinner twice?  I am guessing they are not the ones who prefer rice and chicken.  Well thanks to Pinterest, I am going to add to my recipes.  I have a new Grocery List and lots of ideas for this set of meals.  Yum!

Roasted Red Potatoes
Baked Potato Soup
Cake Batter Bars
Buffalo Chicken Bites
Pretzel Bites
Southwestern Egg Rolls

Oct 16, 2011

Mini Chairs--My Latest Craze!

It all started when I took a little trip to HD Buttercup in LA...

I found this tiny chair, and I immediately became Goldilocks with the perfect sized chair!
Get this HERE
When I visited Restoration Hardware today for some stress relief, I reminded myself when I love this Marseilles chair so much--it's got that down cushion!  But it's a little roomy for this mini chair list.
 But then I found this one--absolutely perfect!  And at only $925 (ha ha), it's the cutest tiny chair ever!
And I'll go ahead and add this 19th c. Medallion Duvet my list of favesies.