Mar 25, 2013

What NOT to Do While Sewing

Apparently very few people have had actual sewing accidents.  While I was googling the likelyhood of the worst happening to me, I realized most people only know of someone who had a horror story  Well now I have my own to tell.
Yes, look a little closer.  That is a foreign object inside my finger.  More specifically, it is the broken off tip of an embroidery needle.  I thought for sure it was impossible that there was any chance the needle had remained inside my finger.  I kept telling my mom to calm down and get me a bigger band-aid.  Well that was a week ago.  We never could find the broken piece of the needle, and now we know why.  The cut was healing well, so I didn't worry.  Then I noticed a pricking feeling every time I used my finger tip.  Something was not right.  Doctor #1 could not get it out because the scar tissue was too deep and the tweezers were too small.  After leaving with  my lightly bandaged open wound, I am now waiting for the hand surgeon to fit me in.  Praying for quick removal and recovery!

Mar 10, 2013

DIY Gallery Wall

Gallery walls stress me out.  Especially the random 50 pictures in all those different frames.  Scattered.  Without a reason.  Or a purpose.  Yikes!  Somehow, my sister's eclectic style makes it all work, but I would rather paint my walls Home Depot orange.  However, this Phoebe Howard room is a lovely balance of neatness and calm.  My two favorites. 

Since our living room's long and narrow 1950's layout was not made for a TV, we struggled with the layout (Part I and Part II).  The best part of changing moving the cable outlet is the open space.  The worst part is the giant 17 foot long wall behind the sofa.  In a perfect world, my husband and I would agree on an oversize abstract painting of blues, grays, and taupe.  Yeah right.  He thinks a blown up print of the New York City skyline would be just right.  Umm, do we even live in the same house?

Lately I've been eying some different arrangements and thinking about prints.  At first I though I would use some of our photos from Europe, but then I saw a set of bridge etchings or a set of botanical prints.  Wait.  I am not going to use botanical prints in my living room.  I do love all things traditional, and that is standard traditional artwork, but I am 27 years old and do not live at or near the beach.  Good thing Pinterest has a bazillion awesomely styled homes to brows.

Last fall, my friend Jayne kindly gave me an early preview to her moving sale, and I immediately found a set of six Pimpernel place mats straight out of 1980.  Her mother-in-law had given them to her as a Christmas gift, and she never even used them.  As soon as I saw the blues, grays, and greens of the Scottish castles, I knew they would match my home.

Where would I find frames for these odd size place mats?  No way would I pay for custom frames and mats, so I figured Hobby Lobby  may have their 50% off sale.  No luck, but they did have 11x14 mats that looked great.  While I was shopping for a planter for my deck at Garden Ridge, I randomly stopped to look at the frames.  I found six 11x14 frames for $7.99 each!  The only problem was two were pale gold, two were antique gold, and two were brown.  There really was no way I would find cheaper frames with the glass and the backing, so I brought them home and started my weekend project.

 Mismatched colors.

 Equal parts Glorious Gold and Rich Espresso metallic paint. 

 Antique frames using dry brush technique.

Wax paper templates.

All done!!

Mar 7, 2013

The Birthday Boy

How can it be that my sweet Massey is already 8!? We were listing all the things we have done together since we got, jobs, graduate school, married, house...looks like there is only one thing left! I love this bear like he is my own baby.  Happy Birthday, Bear!