Mar 25, 2013

What NOT to Do While Sewing

Apparently very few people have had actual sewing accidents.  While I was googling the likelyhood of the worst happening to me, I realized most people only know of someone who had a horror story  Well now I have my own to tell.
Yes, look a little closer.  That is a foreign object inside my finger.  More specifically, it is the broken off tip of an embroidery needle.  I thought for sure it was impossible that there was any chance the needle had remained inside my finger.  I kept telling my mom to calm down and get me a bigger band-aid.  Well that was a week ago.  We never could find the broken piece of the needle, and now we know why.  The cut was healing well, so I didn't worry.  Then I noticed a pricking feeling every time I used my finger tip.  Something was not right.  Doctor #1 could not get it out because the scar tissue was too deep and the tweezers were too small.  After leaving with  my lightly bandaged open wound, I am now waiting for the hand surgeon to fit me in.  Praying for quick removal and recovery!

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