Aug 29, 2012

Could You Repeat That?

Yes, some years you get a class that just makes you laugh so hard your sides hurt.  I am beyond thankful this is one of those years.  My five-year-olds keep me coming back day after day.  Last week, one of the little girls said that everyday in Kindergarten feels like hitting the pinata and getting all the candy.  But today was one of the best...

Me:  What are some good pets?

Student:  Dogs!

Me:  Well, do you really think dogs are a good idea?  You have to feed them, walk them every day, and pick up their poop.

Student:  Well, my dog eats her poop so that's not really a problem.

Ummm, I nearly fell on the floor I was laughing so hard!  I love these kids!

Aug 28, 2012

It's Football Season!

Well, it's almost here.  Although neither my husband nor I enjoy going to football games, rooting for our Alma Mater, or even sporting any type of collegiate apparel or decor, we (mostly not me) still follow the highlights on ESPN.  That counts, right?  So it was time for another door hanger. 

It's super cute with the big houndstooth bow on the back door!

Aug 26, 2012

Tying the Knot

 This weekend I got to wear the wedding director hat.  It's been a while since I directed my first wedding, and I have learned better ways to be assertive while being kind.  I had so much fun!!  It was so beautiful, everything went smoothly, and I may have another wedding in December.  Hooray!

Aug 6, 2012

Lululemon Look Alike Top

Yesterday I posted about this Lululemon top being easy to recreate, and it was!!!  I started with leftover jersey and a basic workout top with a crew neck.

First I flipped my shirt over and decided where to put the keyhole.  I placed a mixing bowl 1" below the top of the shirt and traced the top half.  Moving it down a few inches, I trace the bottom half of the bowl.  I drew dashed lines to connect the halves, making an oval keyhole.  After cutting the keyhole, I cut the 1" strip right in the middle so my shirt was now open at the neck.

Using leftover jersey scraps, I sewed 1 1/2" strips together on the short sides to make about 4' of bias tape (light pink trim).  Mine varies from the original in that I used the bias to go all the way around the keyhole since I had raw edges.  I folded the tape in half and pressed it to clearly show the halfway line.  Pinning the right side of the jersey to the wrong side of the tee gave the bias tape something to hold onto.  I sewed the neck and finished the trim before beginning the keyhole, and I left the last 1" on both strips unsewn so I could finish it later.

This picture jumps ahead since I completed the neck trim first, but it shows the bias tape pinned around the keyhole. I sewed the first line of stitches with the fabric on the edge of the presser foot, but I would guess it was between 1/4" and 3/8". 

 Once the jersey was attached to the back, I turned the shirt right side out and folded the tape onto the front of the tee.  I tucked the edge under and pinned it in place, as well as pressed it so I could see if the amount of light pink showing was even all the way around.  Sewing on the front of the tee, I tried my hardest to sew almost to the bottom edge of the trim.  This was the trickiest for me because I can sometimes get wayward with my stitches.

Here is the neck complete.  Next, I pinned, stitched, flipped, and sewed the keyhole following the same steps above.  I also used two 3" strips of jersey to make the ties.  Folding the right sides together, I stitched one short side and one long side together and turned them right side out.

By leaving 1" unsewn on both the neck and the keyhole, I could fold the keyhole trim under the neck trim and slide the tie in place before stitching.

And voila!  The finished product.  For $9, it comes super close to the Lululemon version.  I even wore it last night to go walking!!
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Aug 4, 2012

Sewing Inspiration

I'm getting excited for fall since it's pushing 100 degrees and 99% humidity daily.  AND it's the tenth season of Project Runway!  Sewing clothes is much, much more difficult than pillows, quilts, or curtains, but these do not look too tough.

This is just a circle skirt-type pattern with a collar and slit pockets.

I love the wide pleats and waistband here.

I have seen this ruffle halter paired with a yellow cardigan, and it was darling!

I will not pay $100 for a Lululemon t-shirt, but a gray cap sleeve workout shirt from Target and some dark jersey could make this an easy redo.
I'm not completely over buying navy stripes, but I am seeing them everywhere.  What I really like is how this skirt is pleated and sewn with a simple tank tucked in.
  I already have a top very similar to this, so I think a basic pencil skirt pattern and yellow ribbon is a possible project.
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