Aug 4, 2012

Sewing Inspiration

I'm getting excited for fall since it's pushing 100 degrees and 99% humidity daily.  AND it's the tenth season of Project Runway!  Sewing clothes is much, much more difficult than pillows, quilts, or curtains, but these do not look too tough.

This is just a circle skirt-type pattern with a collar and slit pockets.

I love the wide pleats and waistband here.

I have seen this ruffle halter paired with a yellow cardigan, and it was darling!

I will not pay $100 for a Lululemon t-shirt, but a gray cap sleeve workout shirt from Target and some dark jersey could make this an easy redo.
I'm not completely over buying navy stripes, but I am seeing them everywhere.  What I really like is how this skirt is pleated and sewn with a simple tank tucked in.
  I already have a top very similar to this, so I think a basic pencil skirt pattern and yellow ribbon is a possible project.
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