Dec 12, 2010

It's Like Getting Married All Over Again!

But without the stress and everyone calling my name and asking me questions.  It's official:  I can now add Wedding Director to my list of favorite things.  Yesterday was Mary's Elizabeth's wedding day at Lake Martin.  The ceremony was held at the Church in the Pines.
 She had seven attendants, and they stood with their groomsmen as couples instead of the traditional girls-on-one-side and boys-on-the-other.  Darling.  Her reception was at Spring House Restaurant at Russell Landing.  The decor was full of simple flowers (hydrangea, lilies), candles, and moss and rocks.  Very simple, very Mary Elizabeth.  The architecture of the building took over any decorations that would have tried to overplay it. 
  I can't wait until I have a few photos from the big day to show everyone!  And I hope I have the privilege of directing another wedding soon!


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