Sep 12, 2012


Phil and I have had a long term relationship with Twice as Nice, the consignment shop in T-town.  The problem is, once we get out all our fall clothes, go through them, make a consignment pile, and commit to driving an hour there and back on a weekend, it's already fall.  That means the consignment shop is no longer taking fall items.  Same problem in the summer.  In the past eight years, I should have learned to save my fall consignment items when I'm packing them up for the spring and summer.  It is now September, and the brisk morning air makes me want to pull out my corduroys, but I won't.  I will wait until it is officially fall on September 22 or until it gets cold enough--maybe by November!  So until I pack up my yet-to-be-unpacked fall clothes, eBay it is. 

As an aside, I know I am not a photographer.  I also know not to take pictures at night, even though I did.  It would seriously be a full time job just taking a million pictures of the clothes and other things I don't want anymore, typing up silly explanations and measurements of everything, and making up estimated prices.  And how do you decide how much to list it for?  It's already something I don't really want, so it certainly doesn't have as much value as something I do want.  I pretty much just guess.  Setting up my 10 listings took me two evenings and only one dress has bids!  I miss the consignment shop.  Anyway, check out my new listings here.  Do any of you sell on ebay?


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