Apr 23, 2011

Springtime is Here!

Well this is a smorgasbord post of sorts.  Mostly because I am bewildered by the fact that the last post was 21 days ago!  I'm super-excited the warm weather seems to be here to stay--aside from the weekly tornado warnings and downpours.  Since we bought the house at the end of last year, we've been saying, "Oh, we'll take care of that in the spring."  Well guess what?  Spring is here and summer is coming! April has brought the rain and the azaleas that have since died.  Now I'm ready for the May flowers to come out!   I feel like a broken record every time I think that we've almost finished painting.  Now we only have four rooms of baseboards, five fronts and backs of doors, and this left:
Be sure you know if the existing paint is latex or oil-based.  Our house is full of surprises--different finishes and bases in every room.  Thanks, previous homeowners.

I painted the doorway trim in the kitchen and the pantry and swinging door two weekends ago.  The Sherwin-Williams label says to wait three days for the paint to cure before taping.  Done.  Well I taped it off today to take care of this convenient two inch space of wall between the pantry and the adjacent wall.  Needless to say, I peeled off the blue tape, along with half of the trim paint.  Agh!!!!!!!!!!!  If I keep taping one to paint the other, then this viscous cycle WILL NOT END.  This house is going to send me to the place they keep the crazies.  If there is anything I hate more than painting, it's redoing work that I've already done.  One reprieve was the fact that all of the touch-ups (of wall paint only, obviously) are done, and the back entryway is painted just like the kitchen.  By the way, Meditation by Benjamin Moore is the awesomest gray/green saturated wall color.  I wish my whole house was done in this color instead of my safe, ultra-neutral Powell Buff. 

On a side note, it's time for summer cuts.  I'm thinking something short and piece-y instead of my standard long bob curled under.  When Dear Husband says my hair is getting long, it must be time for a cut--especially since he knows to never comment on my hair unless it's a compliment!
Not my favorite person, but maybe this cut a touch longer.
This looks like it could be perfect with my thin, non-volumized hair.
Even Bear Bear was ready for a fresh cut!
I'm pretty sure he is the most adorable baby ever!


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