Apr 1, 2011

The Flat Forest

So I'm loving collecting nursery inspiration from real (read: not designer) baby rooms for my friend's nursery. Such fun to pretend!  What I am not loving are all of the highly rated photographs on Rate My Space with those awful wall decals.  Other than the fact that everyone has their child's name or monogram plastered on a wall, I am beside myself with these trees.  Who knew?
This example from RMS has 3-D objects (I am guessing birds) actually glued to the wall.  Love the lavender, but nurseries have so much potential.  And they don't have to be redone after one or two years if the decor is tasteful.  Since commoners, like myself, have not found a chic way to display this "art" I turned to Etsy.  Ha, I found 5,703 tree wall decals.  Very cheesy.  Surely at least one could look right?  Well, after about 15 pages, I gave up.  But I was happy to see some of them being offered in matte finish. The only thing worse than putting an 8 foot tree sticker on your baby's wall is putting a shiny tree sticker on the wall (or maybe putting the trees in your living room, as many Etsy sellers are advertising).  Just say no to wall stickers in the bedroom.  Maybe a playroom with tons of natural light.  Maybe.


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