May 15, 2011

Peaceful Retreat

When Father-in-Law, Father-in-Law's friend, and Dear Husband all pile into the house with projects, I know it's time for me to find something to do and stay out of the way.  I haven't painted since my dear friend Margaret and I lived in the same condos last summer.  Sadness.  So I broke out a new canvas and got to work.  I am pretty good at the standard color wash, and I can even blend colors into other colors (and so can most five-year-olds).  So that's not saying much.  But I wanted something with lots of different colors, so this is what came out of my brain (which is not really what it looked like in my brain).
I really like the blue swishy background, but I don't like how my line arched or that all of my brush marks are nearly the same length.  Creating colors I imagine does not seem to translate to reality, but playing in paint does give me a break from supervising.


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