Sep 11, 2011

Go Go Gadget Ninja

Am I a ninja? A surgeon? A boy scout? The creepy guy from "Saw III"? The answer is yes, I am all of those. Obviously. Today I had the bad luck pleasure of helping my husband lay down 6 mil. plastic sheeting in our crawl space as a moisture barrier. Originally, I was named the "assistant" (read: I supplied the water on water breaks, cut the plastic roll to size, called the in-laws to bring over lunch, etc.) until I was sitting in the living room and heard Philip yell through the floor, "Can you come out here? This is a two man job." That is not the way to get me to help with anything. Ugh. I went down to clear things up.  Me: "I don't want to help."  Phil: "Well, that's not a choice. Go get some old jeans on and cover up."  I don't have any old jeans that I would crawl around in dirt in!  Doesn't he know me at all?  I don't have any clothes I want to get dirty!!!  Did you see what I ended up wearing?  I know.  And, I DO NOT want my neighbors to see me.  So I creep down the stairs and duck behind the bushes... Into the dungeon I go.

To start, you have to crawl under the porch, through a dwarf door into the mini addition (Side note: the first owners thought it would be brilliant to add 8 feet to the house, all the way across. Good call.), then crawl through another dwarf door into the real crawlspace. The floor is dirt (duh), and the air conditioner and water pipes are blocking all the good crawl ways. You really do have to crawl. It's about 3 1/2 feet tall. Luckily I'm 5 feet tall, so I just squatted and stomped around like a duck instead of crawling. After about 5-10 minutes of Philip laughing at me (and me kind of, not really, laughing while giving him the I-am-really-not-happy-to-help stare), I was all over that space crawling over pipes, waddling to and fro, cutting holes for the support posts, and doing all the work! Philip's nice way of thanking me was to say, "Look at you! You were born for this! We are going to rent you out for $150 an hour!" Thanks, Phil.

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  1. Just laughed for a good five minutes at this; upon re-reading, I can hear you saying every word :) HILARIOUS!