Sep 4, 2011


That's right, no posts in August.  Not one.  It's been busy, but here are some random goings on from the past month.
  1. A new batch of 17 little nuggets, ready to be trained and molded into the workforce of the future.
  2. A million blogs to read (obviously this is an important thing on the list). Here are most of my faves:
  3. Seeing my best friend and meeting her sweet baby!
  4. Paint 8 doors, front and back, which takes 1 1/2 hours per side!!! [I officially hate painting]
  5. Almost last graduate class.  Yay!
  6. Lots. Of. Work.  How can it be that I have done the same thing for so long and it still takes forever?
  7. Bags are on super clearance and an extra 40% off at Loft--Look! Only $2.10!
  8. New throw pillows in the living room (well, soon-to-be once I get the fabric for the back, the down inserts, and then I actually sew them)
  9. Oh yeah, and I put a soaked paintbrush in paint thinner in a red plastic cup on the super light/white part of my granite counter top.  The thinner ate away at the plastic and spilled ALL over.  Since the thinner is acetone-based, it cleaned up with a dry cloth, but the PINK ring from the cup is still there.  In a VERY obvious spot.  AHHHHHH!  So I've googled a million suggestions, tried poultices of baking soda + water, bleach + flour, Comet (DO NOT TRY THIS ONE), nail polish remover, just bleach, Shout stain remover gel, and nothing has worked so far.  I'm  moving on to the hydrogen peroxide + moulding plaster poultice and leaving it on overnight.  If that fails, I'm trying bleach + baby powder overnight.  Way too much stress for a holiday weekend.
*****EDIT***** The bleach and baby powder poultice for 24 hours (covered with Glad Press 'n Seal) worked!!!!!!!!!!!


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