Jul 30, 2011

My Sister's Soiree

So I took a little trip back to the old stopping ground for my little sister's first party in her new, awesome, gigantic, grown-up house.  First, I stopped at my favesies little consignment shop to catch a bargain, and THIS happened! 
Yes.  If you look close enough, you will see I am sporting my Loft sunglasses sans one side!!!  Luckily they aren't totally bo-bo.  Ok, maybe they are.  Anyway, not wanting to hang around all day while the boys played golf and Ash worked, I started checking out the goods with this little peanut.

Really, it's a trunk show for Stella & Dot, so I ran into these fun finds:
And then I came across this...
Yes, it clearly states she will CUT OFF your HAND if you eat her cookies.  Disturbing much?  Ok, time for me to stop snooping and stay out of trouble.


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