Jul 9, 2011

Just Add It to the List

Yes, something else to add to my list of wants.  I have a bad case of the wants--actually, I've had the wants for a long while now.  In fact, I sound much like a five year old describing her Christmas wish list, but add 20 years and make it an I-want-it-now-even-though-there-is-no-special-occasion pouty face and bad attitude.  Somewhere, somehow, I developed this idea that I should be just as accomplished and have all the haves that the adults in my life already enjoy (i.e. my parents or other 40+ year olds).  Where did this come from?  Well, it's time for the big girl pants because I am quickly realizing I am the poster child for impatience.  I once wanted (and mostly got) the shoes, the makeup, the clothes, then for a while it was the dinnerware pattern, the small kitchen appliances, the flatware set.  Later it was the house, the doors, the granite, the tile, the shutters.  I have since graduated to the things that fit inside my house:  rugs, lamps, pillows, linens, side tables, headboards.

Surprisingly, there is only one more piece officially missing from my home.  It's a kitchen table.  Thanks to craigslist, I have the beginning of the table. (yea!)
Soon it will be topped with some sort of round table, preferably with a dark stain.  Unofficially, I have like 15 more house wants.  Enjoy my recent faves while I work on becoming a better person who is not so materialistic.
two of these
with this sofa
and this painting
a guest room with matching twin beds
darling side tables
and even more darling ruffled bedskirts
with sweet pillows

and fresh flowers
a climbing rose vine
and lush window boxes
this room, minus the child, ANYWHERE in my house
throw in a two week trip to Italy
and a presh presh puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And then I would be the happiest of happy until I found something else new to want. 

PS, if I had more than one person read this blog, I may be inclined to do a better job crediting all of these *borrowed* photos. 

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  1. BAHAHAHA! "Enjoy my recent faves while I work on becoming a better person who is not so materialistic." I actually laughed out loud :) I think I found my next blog post topic! See you in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!