Jul 14, 2011

It's a Charmer!

So I wanted to try my skill at quilt making, and I quickly became obsessed with Amy Butler quilts on Etsy [like this one here]. Side note: just buy one... it's probably worth it. Anyway, I figured a baby quilt would be the most manageable, but since I didn't have any friends who were expecting, I thought I'd put that off for a couple of years. Then Margaret announced she was having a baby!!! So, in honor of the upcoming arrival of Selah Grace, I completed my first charm quilt.

I'm pretty sure Margaret was not 100% on this color palette when I bought all of these fabrics!

The hardest part was cutting the strips that formed the outside frames and the inside squares.

(My favorite picture!!!!)  I sewed each square, pressed the seams, sewed each row, pressed the seams, and then sewed the rows to each other. After sandwiching Warm and Natural baby batting between the squares and double sided minky, I stitched it all the way around.
The last step was the real quilting part: hand stitching the quilt squares to the batting so it can be washed without losing its shape. I love this quilt, and I can't wait to see Selah playing on it on the lawn! Ok, maybe not outside with grass all over the bottom but maybe in the living room under a play mat.
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