Jul 26, 2011

Catching Up

Well I've been completely unmotivated to do anything. And by anything, I mean wash leftover paint off my leg, turn in assignments, clean the dishes, you name it. I'm blaming it on the depressing realization that it is officially the end of summer--my love, my excitement, and what I generally look forward to all year long. Over.  Blah. Ok, well at least I have started this and accomplished something. All in a week (ok, now a week and a half due to pure laziness), I went to L.A. to see my bestie, spent a week at workshops, found a new inspirational project for my house [of course], and the baby came! Let me back up, I went to L.A. to see my very pregnant Margaret who is due around the middle of August. We spent each day going to town, walking along the beach, taking naps, and generally feasting more than anyone should, ever. We also got to set up a car seat and a stroller, which the dogs did not like trying out. Ha ha.  Anyway, not four days later, the baby was ready to enter the world! Wishing much happiness to the proud parents and their sweet baby girl!  So here are a few highlights from my super fun girls vacay to the best non humid, non cold, non awful, perfect weather place, Los Angeles, CA.

The Getty Villa Gardens (Loveliness but not set up like a villa, much more like a museum)

They were growing peonies! Really, everything thrives in this climate. Jealous.

Yes, it's true: they workers here are not good spellers of names. Nope, not even close.

THE BEST almost-as-good-as-a-real-French bistro, St. Amour. Delish!

Thisclose to the beach.

I would be able to find a cottage that entails all of my faves--cedar shade, window boxes, an American flag, two outdoor dining spaces, a white picket fence, roses everywhere, and a dwarf door!!!!!!!!

PS, everyone here is beyond amazingly fit. Gag.

And finally, my new wall art inspiration for detracting from the insanely manly mega television that happens to be the center of my husband's evenings and my living room. We'll just have to see how this turns out. More to come later...

PS, I did have a fantastic dream that Sheridan French made a line at Target!  Yes, please!


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