Nov 28, 2011

Right on Target

For Thanksgiving in the city, we got to practice our marksmanship with my daddy! Who knew I was such an excellent shot?!
Yes, that is me hitting the target twice! All of those other shots on the white paper are Ashleigh's. ;) Sadly though, two shells ricocheted off the metal side walls and wounded me. One hit my forehead, right above my eyebrow. The other fell into my shirt and rolled down my chest. Luckily the one in my shirt burned worse than my forehead. On a lighter note, I had the joy of looking through my box(es) that hold my childhood photos and memorabilia. Here I am in Kindergarten, a foot shorter than everyone else!

And I couldn't leave out my dressing-room-fashion-show-sleepover-party shot. LOVE the leather skirt and zebra trimmed top! Oh, and the attitude face!


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