Apr 21, 2012

Sometimes It's What's On the Outside

Case in point: a gift's wrapping.  I couldn't believe the lady at Bed, Bath, & Beyond wrapped my gift in a plastic bag.  Not the kind you use with tissue sticking out the top--that would have been fine.  Instead, it was clearly their official wrapping style to use it as "paper" and tape down the edges, gather the extra length in one end, and tie it up with a purple bow.  Nobody uses plastic baggies as wrapping paper!!  With all the showers and parties of the beloved wedding season, I take pleasure in the small things like buying gifts that are not on the registry.  And yes, the vintage juicer really was the hit of the kitchen shower!  I've also kept busy by wrapping each of my sister's gifts in different papers and bows.  This one, in particular, was exceptionally darling.  I saw the coolest magazine bows here, but I needed something a little nicer than that for a wedding shower.  Thanks to my past love of scrap booking, I now have a new use for all of those papers... bows!  This one was easy to make--just cut eight 3/4" strips:   three should be 9", three 7", and two 5".  Save a little bit of paper for a 3" strip as the center loop (not pictured).  Form loops with all of the strips and staple in the center.  The tutorial suggested double sided sticky dots, but mine were not working.  Instead, I used craft glue and a clothespin to hold it together until dry, then voila!!  I can't wait to make another!

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