Apr 29, 2012

The Zoo Around the Corner

It is so baffling that I live two miles from the zoo and have never been.  As a scouting trip before the official field trip, I checked it out.  Solo.  I am not really a go-places-by-myself kind of person, but I successfully visited every attraction in an hour for $15.50.  That is expensive entertainment.  I even had time to stop and take pictures!  Sadly this zoo is a little run down... the landscaping is pitiful and the exhibits are not very well kept.  But I love animals, and it is amazing that we have the ability to surround these animals with their natural habitat and keep them healthy so that we can visit them right around the corner.

Primates are my favesies.
I'm going to keep one of these for myself!
Probably my most favorite pair!
This little stinker BIT my finger.
The new butterfly garden was really neat.  They perched on everyone!
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  1. Cool pics. I turn into a kid every time I visit the zoo.