Jun 4, 2012

In with the Old

As I was searching for a place to store 11 hand-me-down round tablecloths, I started to go through the linen drawer in the china cabinet.  I haven't really touched any of the crocheted linens of my grandmother's since I got them a few years back.  After opening the tissue paper wrapping, I found all of these doilies that my grandmother made!!  Some of them seem to be store-bought, but it is really obvious which ones were handmade because of the way they feel.  Most of the doilies are ivory, but some are tea stained a deeper tan and some are just plain stained. 

These are the big ones.
My favorite.
I ended up refolding and storing all of the larger ones because they are too big for my tiny table.  But I still wanted to try to doily table runner I saw on Under the Sycamore blog. Using the small doilies only, I ended up just safety pinning them in place since I do not want to stitch them--at least not until I'm 100% sure I like the arrangement.  Now for a centerpiece...


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