Jun 3, 2012

Pinterest Plunder

I'm sure you've all heard of the vinegar + blue Dawn super cleaner on Pinterest.  If not, just search for those two words and you'll get a bazillion repins of the same few blogs.  It sounds really great--just microwave 1 cup vinegar, add 1 cup blue Dawn, shake, and spray down your shower walls.  What they failed to mention is that you may have a mild heart attack when you realize the blue Dawn is staining your bright white grout.  Yes, instead of just "rinsing" with a sponge for a sparkling clean, I had to scrub every strip of grout with a bristle brush! 

Now, I will not pretend like I usually am in charge of cleaning the bathroom.  In fact, this is the first time I've cleaned it since we got married three years ago.  But I am sure that the between the mixing, heating, spraying, soaking for one hour, plus scrubbing the grout while enduring the terrible odor is not any simpler than using good old Comet. 


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