Mar 19, 2012

Hop to It

I am the queen of cheesy titles.  Anyway, being the saver that I will one day be (really!), I refuse to pay $30 for burlap.  Even if it's painted, polka dotted, and shaped like a bunny.  Pinterest, oh how I love thee and loathe thee at the same time.

The OTMJ got re-purposed as a pattern template.  It's roughly 18"x24".

Even more green: a re-purposed dry cleaning pants hanger turned door hanger hanger. (That sounds super weird to read!)

A very rough sketch, plus cuteness polka dots.

Getting closer...

At least it mostly resembles a bunny.

Staples and plastic baggy "stuffing" complete the form.  Sewing would likely be the best, but then I wouldn't get to use my one-touch stapler and I would have to vacuum up the mess.

One inch yard sale dot stickers plus...

white spray paint makes him springy!
*White paint would work, too.  I'm just not that patient.

Floral wire and leftover scraps make the tail.

And the burlap bow makes this one door hanging that may never leave my door!

(I am also envisioning a cute Easter egg, American flag, football, and acorn...)


  1. you are so crafty, johnna!! cute!

  2. This just darling. I used the end of my stenciling brush and white craft paint to make my own dots.

  3. What a fantastic project! :) I'll make it for myself! :) Thank you for your lovely tutorial!

  4. Love this bunny! I am not crafty, but I have just completed my 4th bunny! I gave these away for Easter, and everyone loved them!