Mar 19, 2012

Spring Things

Spring is quite possibly my favorite time of year.  Specifically, I love when all of the cherry trees blossom and their tiny petals float in the breeze like snow--but it's 80 degrees instead of 20, and I get to wear coral shorts.  Here are some happenings that keep me smiling this month.

{1: : Patterned Drapes}

This is Covington Katana in Travertine Taupe.  It was $20/yard, minus my 20% off coupon (annv1).

Four hours of crawling on the floor, smoothing out the fabric, pinning, sewing, and two very sore legs after, voila!  I am SO pleased to have window coverings that will block my neighbors' unsightly selves and dining room.  Hooray!

I was surprised how many options Lowe's had for drapery poles.  In the end, we went with a pick-each-part-separately approach and ended up with an 8' walnut fluted pole, round end caps, and large rings with clips.

I added seven 4-inch pleats to help give the drapes a little more pleating when they are pushed to the side.

All of my seams and print repeats match up perfectly!  THAT is what took so very long.
{2: : Windmill Quilt}

This pattern is much larger than it's pinwheel sister, but I can't wait to see it on MCH's twin bed!

{3: : Mercury Glass Tumblers}

Where are these hiding?

{4: : A Golden Birthday}

Massey turned 7 on the 7th!!
{5: : New Blooms}

Eleven (yes, eleven!!!) stargazer lily blooms from 3 stems--$10 at Publix!
{6: : Aroma Therapy}

It's like having the real thing all year long.  This super fragrant candle hasn't even been lit.
{7: : Bradford Pear Trees}

Is it even possible for these to be any more symmetrical and gorgeous next to a swirly cloud background? 


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