Mar 22, 2012

Old School Lettering

I have been obsessed with calligraphy since I got to plan my pretend wedding in Bible class my senior year of high school.  Since then, I've pinned a million pretty fonts and saved all of my favorite examples of envelopes with different styles of calligraphy.  When it was my turn to actually plan a wedding, I started practicing Copperplate calligraphy.  I even addressed my save-the-dates!  But I just had to have someone else do the real thing--the style I chose was even called "Massey!"  As long as you have a steady hand and like practicing handwriting, anyone can do it!  all you need are the basic supplies: pen, nibs (I like the B6, 512, and C2 size for everyday, extra fine, and thick lettering), ink, and a ruler.  Over the last three years, I have practiced off and on... mostly off, until today!



Thanks to my teaching habits, I feel the need to find my mistakes...

And reward myself for good ones!  :)

The capitals are my favorites and loopy names. 

Mmmmm, I just LOVE calligraphy on invitations!!!

This is, by far, the best [cheap] paper for practicing.

Jayne will be so happy to see Krisitna's treats table cards Monday.

It's not perfect, but it's a start!


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